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tristan quevilly photographe en Colombie


Tristan Quevilly

My orientation to photography for the past 25 years has been to follow my heart. I didn’t put commercial considerations first. Instead, I put my passion for photography first. This is how I remained excited about photography from the beginning until now. My greatest fear when I was young was being bored with my chosen profession, and I have successfully steered clear of that danger.

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A Versatile


Tailor made Services
for Agencies


Photography Trips

I organize and lead tailored photo trips in Latin America.

  • Countries : Cuba, Colombia, Panama
  • Experience : 15 years as a tour leader
  • Groups : from 2 to 20 persons
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

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holiday photographer

Your Destination Photographer

Do you have a VIP group? I propose you to accompany your upscale stays and make beautiful photos and videos of your adventures, your travelers and local life.

My gear

Parc Tayrona bahia chengue

Aereal Images

Realization of Drone photos & Videos

Highlight your activities or resort with high quality aereal imagery.

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360° Images

Show life to your audience like if they  were there.

Whether it’s for an interactive guided tour of a city or to show the rooms of your hotel, 360° images will allow you to stand from the crowd. 

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Beautiful images for your website

Are you looking for good photos for your website, newsletters or brochures? Upload your images here in just a few clicks,

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MICRO inFLuencer

Social Medias

A growing community of + 130.000 followers







My Audience

My web page being translated into 3 languages, my publications are mainly about Colombia, USA and France.

13-17 years old
18 -24 years old
25 – 34 years old
35 – 44 years old
45 – 54 years old
55 – 64 years old
65+ years old

Why do you need
a photographer ?

90% of travellers prepare their holidays on the internet. The user opens dozens of windows on his browser. The first impression is important! When you arrive on your web page, you have 2 seconds to catch your audience. Here are 4 good reasons to use a photographer:

Become Viral on social networks

With quality content your customers become your best spokespeople. Nowadays, who do you trust the most: an friend or an advertisement?

Improve your Branding

Professional, Innovative, top of the line: The selection of your images plays a key role in the perception of your brand image.

Drive Emotion

Although we think we are rational, our decision-making process is almost entirely emotional. The images will help your audience project themselves into your world…

Better conversion rate

No more smartphone pictures and stock photos, travellers demand quality and no more “fakes”. A simple change of image on a web page can increase the conversion rate by 500%.

My Gear

Stand out from the competition with high quality images, made with professional equipment, for professionals.


Canon 5D mark III and IV

Because it is necessary to have the best equipment on the market, I work in the field with 2 boxes: the Canon 5D mark IV and the 5D mark III.

  • Images : 30 millions pixels
  • Videos : 4K at 30 fps
  • Processor : DIGIC 6+


Canon Lenses

No compromise on quality: best lenses in the Canon range, ready to cover any type of scene.

  • Wide Angle : 16-35mm f2.8 USM L Canon
  • Polyvalent : 24-70mm f2.8 USM II L Canon
  • Long Lenght : 70-200mm f2.8 USM II L Canon


Mavic Air 2

Treat yourself to a complete, original and unique photo package with incredible images of drones.

  • Images : 20 millions pixels
  • Videos : 4K at 30 fps
  • Distance : 7km range


Insta 360 One X

With the insta360, the future of action cameras, you don’t take photos or videos: you capture Moments.

  • Images : 18 Millions pixels
  • Videos : 5,7K at 50 fps
  • Effects Tiny Planets, Hyperlapses, Timelapses


DJI Osmo Pocket

The Osmo Pocket turns every moment of your trip into beautiful images. First stabilized camera to fit in your pocket: A miracle of technology

  • Videos : 4K and Full HD
  • Features : Hyperlpases, timelpase, Slow Motion

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