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Beautiful imagery can make the difference between a normal website and a wow website, right ? Well here you are at the right place ! You will find amazing pictures from all over Colombia are available for sale as stock images 

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Why to purchase image here ?

Getting visibility against big stock pictures agencies is a pretty hard mission . Here are 3 raisons why it is a good idea to buy pictures here

Support photographers

Buying a picture here help independent photographers to survive

Helping Communities

For any portrait of local communities, 20% of the price will get back to the village

Best value for money

Better quality and lower prices than on big stock sites + After purchase support

Can I get free stock pictures ?

 Yes it should be possible to make an exchange of free stock pictures for your website, as far as there is no commercial use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Size To Download ?

There are 3 sizes available for the stock photos :

Low Resolution size pictures are 1000px on the large side and 300dpi. These size are not recommended for printing. Nevertheless, it is perfect for a large size on screen.
Medium resolution pictures are 2000px on the large side and 300dpi. You can print these picture in small size. This is also perfect for full screen view on your site.
High resolution pictures are 4000px on the large side. This size is enough for large prints. Obviously, it is enough to show these pics full screen on your website, and even to zoom in.

When Do I Need To Credit The Photographer ?

Before purchasing a picture you will see 2 kind of licences :

Standard Licence and Extended Licence.

Standard Licence : If you use the photos for editorial use or television you will need to credit the photographer like this : “Photo credits © Tristan Quevilly” AND an active link to the website :

Extended Licence : No credit is needed, you can use the photos without mentioning the photographer. The rights of the pictures still belong to the photographer. That means than he can still use the pictures on his own supports.

Can I have a discount if I purchase a bundle of pictures ?

Yes of Course, I would be crazy to say no ! 😉 If you are interested in several pictures, please contact me before you purchase so we can set a % of discount according of the quantity

Can I see more pictures ?

If you want to see more pictures of Colombia or other countries, I have more than 80.000 photo in stock. I invite you to write to me via the contact form and explain me what kind of photos you are looking for. I could create a private gallery so that you can make a wider selection.

What is the payment method ?

Check outs are handled by Stripe which is a recognized secure online payment method. All card are accepted ( Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, etc…)

In any cases I can see the credit card details, only a confirmation email from Stripe that confirm that the payment has been received

Furthermore my site is certified https that reinforce security.

See more details at

Can I get the full copyright of the pictures ?

Well no, I am the author of the pictures, and even if it could make a good money, these pictures are part of my life and memory, and I wish to keep possibility to decide whether I want to publish them or not

Can I print the stock pictures ?

Yes of course, but it depends of the quality you purchase. If you choose the medium resolution Jpgs, it will not result in a good print. Instead you can choose the high quality Jpgs that can be printed in any size. If you do not want to handle the printing process don’t hesite to visit my fine art print page, and I will take care of everything.

What is the difference between Editorial & Commercial use ?

The difference is that Editorial use will be for non lucrative website, like Newspaper, blogs, anything that don’t sell products. On the other hand, commercial use will be for sites selling a production or destination like travel agencies, hotels, or marketing agencies

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Kind words about my work

photographer tristan Quevilly

About the photographer

Tristan fell into photography world during a 3 years roundtrip. After visiting around 30 countries, he came back to Colombia in 2015, captivated by its diversity and the warmth of its people. Working today for a travel Agency, he has the opportunity to travel in a lot of remote places of Colombia.

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