Photo tours & trips in Colombia

Colombia is becoming one of the popular destination from its unique diversity : from spectacular views, fauna and flora, mountains, beaches, deserts, architecture, Colombia has them all.

Nevertheless, photography in Colombia can be a bit challenging, if you travel unguided. While the country is a true paradise for photographers, expeditions & photography tours and are the best option if you want to get the most out of your trip. (read more)

Customized Photo Tours

Street Photo Tour Cartagena

1 day

Photo Tour Sierra Nevada

2 day - 1 night

Photo Tour Tatacoa Desert

3 Days - 2 nights

Night Photo Workshop Minca

2 days - 1 night

Photo Tour Sierra Nevada

3 days - 2 nights

Adventure Photo Tour Guajira

4 days - 3 nights

Photo Tour Kogui Village

1/2 day

Photo Tour Tayrona Park

2 days - 1 night

Portrait workshop Santa Marta

1/2 day

Photo Workshop Cerro Kennedy

1 day

Adventure Tour Sierra Nevada

4 days - 3 nights

Photo Tour Bogota

1 day

Jungle Photo Tour Amazonas

5 days - 4 nights

Street Tour Silvia Market

2 days - 1 night

Sunset Photo Tour Taganga

1/2 day

Photo Tour Caño Cristales

4 days - 3 nights

Photo Tour Guatape

4 days - 3 nights

Photo Tour Palomino

2 days - 1 night

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Photo Tours Options

Cartagena Street Photo Tour

In this street photography tuition, I propose a session complete day divided in 2 parts (read more)

  •  Duration : 1/2 day
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : 60 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Cartagena de Indias

Inspirational Gallery  : Cartagena Pictures >

photo tour cartagena colombia
photo tour trip colombia

Photography expedition in Sierra Nevada

In this photography Workshop, I will bring you in an amazing place : the high mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  You will learn everything about mastering sunrise and sunsets shots (read more)

  •  Duration : 2 days
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : depending on group size
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Minca

Inspirational Gallery : Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta >

Landscape photo trip in Tatacoa

If you would like to master Night photography, this class is for you. Main focus will be on astrophography as well as landscapes

  •  Duration : 3 days – 2 nights
  •  Class size : 6 max
  •  Price : depending on group size
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Tatacoa Desert

Inspirational Gallery : Tatacoa Pictures >

photo tour Tatacoa Desert colombia

Photography workshop in Minca

In this photography workshop, I invite you to come with me in the hills of Minca to cover different and complimentary landscape photography techniques (read more)

  •  Duration : 2 days
  •  Class size : 5 max
  •  Price : from 90 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Minca

Inspirational Gallery : Pictures of Minca >

Travel photo Tuition in Kogui Village

In this tuition will dive into one of  the most beautiful culture of Colombia, Kogui community.

  •  Duration : 3 days – 2 nights
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : 60 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Secret place

More info :  Contact me for private info >

photo tour in Sierra Nevada
photo tour trip colombia

Travel photo expedition in Guajira Desert

This is truely an expedition ! We’ll discover the soul of Wayuu culture in the most impressive desert of Colombia

  • Duration : 4 days – 3 nights
  •  Class size : 5 max
  • Price : from 450 USD
  • Dates : all the year
  • Location : Guajira Desert

Inspirational Gallery : Guajira Pictures >

Portrait photography tour in Indigenous Village

I will lead you to an impactant place, to meet Kogui culture, somewhere in a hidden place of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

  •  Duration : 1/2 day
  •  Class size : 2 max
  •  Price : 90 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Secret place

More info : Contact me for private info >Travel photo Tuition in Kogui Village

photo tour in Kogui Village
photo tour Tayrona Park

Nature photo trip in Tayrona Park

If you just want a short landscape photography lesson, this class is for you. Main focus in this course is to master sunsets, nature and wildlife pictures

  •  Duration : 2 days – 1 night
  •  Class size : 5 max
  •  Price : 120 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Tayrona Park

Inspirational Gallery : Tayrona park pictures >

Portrait photography workshop in Santa Marta

You want to learn photography portraits ? With these photography tuition, I propose a session of 4 hours divided in 2 parts

  •  Duration : 1/2 day
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : 60 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Santa Marta

Inspirational Gallery : Santa Marta >

Portrait Photography workshop Santa Marta
Sunshine photo tour Cerro Kennedy

Sunshine photo session in Cerro Kennedy

This is one of my preferred place in Colombia. Completely amazing place above the clouds, ideal for sunrise and sunsets.

  •  Duration : 1 day
  •  Class size : 6 max
  •  Price : 220 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Cerro Kennedy

Inspirational Gallery : Cerro Kennedy pictures >

Adventure photo tour Sierra Nevada

Come with me to live the adventure of your life. In this photo expedition, we will get un full immersion the hear of Sierra Nevada

  •  Duration : 4 days – 3 nights
  •  Class size : 3 max
  •  Price : from 600 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

More info : contact me for private info >

Ethno Photo Tour Sierra Nevada
photo tour Bogota

Bogotá discovery walk

Get lost in the streets of Bogota with a pro photographer to get the best of this wonderful city

  •  Duration : 1 day
  •  Class size : 6 max
  •  Price : 60 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Bogotá

Inspirational gallery : Bogotá Pictures >

Jungle photo Expedition in Amazonas

Explore the lung of the world with a VIP tour in Colombian Amazon. Focus on landscape, and wildlife pictures.

  •  Duration : 5 days – 4 nights
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : 450 USD (flights not included)
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Amazon Region Colombia

Inspirational Gallery : Amazonas Pictures >

Jungle photo expedition Amazonas
Street photo tour Silvia

Street photo walk in Silvia

Don’t need to go to Peru for photographing gorgeous cultures. Let’s discover Silvia market and get tips from a knowledgeable teacher

  •  Duration : 1/2 day
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : 60 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Silvia

Inspirationnal Gallery : Silvia Pictures >

Sunset photo workshop in Taganga

If you just want a short landscape photography lesson, this class is for you. Main focus in this course is to master sunsets.

  •  Duration : 1/2 day – 2pm to 7pm
  •  Class size : 4 max
  •  Price : 60 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Taganga

More info : Photography Course Taganga >

landscape photography workshop in taganga colombia
Nature Photo Tour Caño Cristale

Nature photo tour in Caño Cristales

If you wanna see the most beautiful river of Colombia, this is the right place. You’ll come back with amazing pictures and master waterfall techniques.

  •  Duration : 4 days – 3 nights
  •  Class size : 6 max
  •  Price : 600 USD
  •  Dates : June to October
  •  Location : Caño Cristales

Inspirational Gallery : Caño Cristales Pictures >

Travel photo tour in Guatape

A quite complete tour in Guatape. In 2 days you’ll learn landscape, sunset, and architecture and street photography.

  •  Duration : 2 days – 1 night
  •  Class size : 6 max
  •  Price : 200 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Guatape

More info : Guatape pictures >

Palomino photo tour

This is maybe the most complete tour in short time. In 2 days you’ll get the impression to have 3 weeks worth photos. Astrophotography, Landscape, Sunset, sunrise and portrait pictures in a kogui village.

  •  Duration : 1 day
  •  Class size : 6 max
  •  Price : 120 USD
  •  Dates : all the year
  •  Location : Bogotá

Inspirational Gallery : Palomino pictures >

unlimited support

Unlimited Support

After you realize a tour with me, you will receive unlimited FREE after course support. You will be able can contact me any time for advice, or feedback on your images

Who is it for ?

Each private Workshop are designed for different level  & passions :

  • Beginner photographers : who wants get the best shoots opportunities
  • Intermediate photographers : who wants to improve their skills
  • Professional photographers : who wants get the best shoots opportunities
  • Journalists : conducting specific news coverage
photo trips advantages

Why choosing these trips ?

  • Get to astounding places you would have missed alone
  • Discover more things that you would have wanted to any other way in the time you have
  • Step wonderful places, and get all the knowledge to capture all the beauty of the scene
  • Informative tour about not only photography but history and flora and fauna
  • Small sized groups (6 max)

Customized trips
for travel agencies

If you are a travel agency willing to promote a photo trips in Colombia or a journalist with a special specific topic, let’s design together a tailor made an itinerary that fits your needs. All the logistic is handled by Aventure Colombia, a top rated local travel agency, counting with a team of 35 professionals, and more than 11 years of experience in creating touristic trips and press trips.

These tours will teach you how to

Find a location

How to discover best places before travelling abroad

Enlarge your vision

Develop your eyes to spot the best shooting opportunities

Master manual mode

Mastering manual mode will be the key for your creativity

Get a picture of Colombia at home

Compose a Photograph

Arrange visual elements to give more weight to your photos

Edit like a pro

Learn how to tearn your images from normal to wow

Boost your creativity

Explore endless possibilities to express yourself. and find your style

What you can expect from these tours ?

  • Be on location at the best time
  • On location : Review on Instructor Camera’s LCD monitor so other can learn
  • Image review time so you can get feedback
  • Q&A sessions
  • A pro photographer instructors along with you during all the trip
  • Experienced guide, the photographer will share with you his passion and knowledge of the country
  • Private group with sizes ranging from 4-6 people

What makes these trips different ?

15 Years Experience In Leading Tours

As I started to work in tourism in 2003, I handled thousands of activities of any kind and have a strong experience in leading groups from 2 to 80 people.

A Pro Photographer With You

During the tour, every step will be prepared and structured so as you can practice on field. The instructor will share you all his secret tips.

Best Value For Money

Prices for the accommodation and local guides are negotiated so that you would pay the same price as if you were travelling alone.

A Perfect Logistic Articulation

The organisation of the trip will be handled by the most experienced specialized in taylor made adventures.

Passion And Immersion

It is not all about photography, but also enjoying life surrounding us. Colombia’s people are amazing, let’s have fun with them.

Selected Destinations

With a strong knowledge of Colombia, you can be sure to be at the right place and the right time for the best photographic opportunities

What to bring for a photo tour ?

  • Cover for camera (for shooting in the rain)
  • Carbon fiber tripod
  • Remote shutter release for night photography
  • Small headlamp and flashlight
  • 24-70 mm 2.8 for landscapes
  • 70-200mm for portraits and wildlife
  • Polarizing filter(s)
  • Lens hoods for all lenses
  • Lint-free cloth to clean lenses and blower ball for dust
  • Laptop with charger and PS and Lightroom
  • Portable hard drive
  • Card reader
  • All cables for drives, computer, card readers, storage devices, etc…
  • Power converters/adapters for all international quests
  • Cover for camera (for shooting in the rain)
  • Carbon fiber tripod
  • Remote shutter release for night photography
  • Small headlamp and flashlight

How ? What ? Why ?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be sure to pick the right trip ?

If you have any doubt just contact me, I’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect photography workshop for you. The most important is to pick a tour that matches your interests, photography level and practical requirements.

Is it Hard to photograph people in Colombia ?

Colombia is one of the most friendly people I’ve ever seen in my life. I love this country in big part for Colombian ! They will always respect you if you respect them. Therefore before photographing people, it is always better to ask them.

In general cases they will says yes with a big smile. This is true for most of places.

In some other, being photographed is a profession, like in Cartagena and Bogota for example. Cartagena is world renown for the Palenqueras, the Afro-Colombian girls with its colorful dresses and selling fruits in the streets.

Selling fruits is part of their activity, but they are now living mostly from tourism and being international models ! 🙂 In case, a tip between 1 to 3 dollars will be welcomed for a picture.

Depending on the workshops, we plan photo shoots with models and tips photogenic people so you can have the opportunity to take photos of them.

So it is possible to come home with some people photographs from Morocco. Our guide makes an excellent model too!

Is there a lot of people on shooting locations ?

You may be used to see crowded popular places for photography. In Colombia this is not the case at all ! This country is still very wild, and have a lot of hidden photographic places.

Nevertheless, the only place where there will be a lot of people is Cartagena, but we can avoid crowds by getting up early in the morning and have all the city just for us before tourists wake up.

Can I join a tour if I'm a non-photographer ?

Of course ! Workshops are designed in 3 different categories from beginner to advanced. So if you are novice in photography I would recommend you a beginner photography workshop which is a very good place to start with.

Is Colombia safe for a photo tour ?

If one country has a bad fame it is definitely Colombia ! You have probably seen lots of movies and imagine that all Colombians are traficants like Pablo Escobar.

In reality, it is all the contrary, Colombia are some of most friendly people I’ve ever seen.

They are happy by nature, very honest and love to share their country with you. Nevertheless like in every big city of the world there is some kind of precautions to take.

A famous saying here is “No dar Papaya” which means don’t tempt the devil. In other words avoid to exhibit an expensive camera hanging at your neck at midnight.

In your hotel room, by experience, I rarely heard any problems. A good rule of thumb would be to bring a small travel locker to keep your gear safe in your lugage.

In general, just travel in peace, Colombia is safer than many countries.

What is the balance between photography & relaxation ?

Well it well depend on each photography workshop. Some tours are quite actives, like with trekking and expeditions, while other allow more relaxation and more individual exploration.

My personnal advice would be to concentrate in the same region rather than covering the whole country. Colombia is large ! 

I’ll be happy to help you to find the ideal workshop for you. If you have any doubt, just contact me.

photographer tristan Quevilly

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Tristan fell into photography world during a 3 years roundtrip. After visiting around 30 countries, he came back to Colombia in 2015, captivated by its diversity and the warmth of its people. Working today for a travel Agency, he had the opportunity to travel in a lot of remote places of Colombia.

This page is how he spreads his love for photography and self discovery in the world