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MAR 2022








Pourquoi ce voyage photo

Your Cuba photo tour / traveling workshop begins and ends in Havana, spending a total of four nights in this unforgettable city. In addition to the iconic places, you’ll get the opportunity to meet and photograph everyday Cubans in their homes; discover hidden places; and take advantage of Tristan’s groundwork to show you some special street photography locations. He’ll have a long list of photography surprises for you, don’t worry about that. ?

From Havana we drive to beautiful, bucolic Viñales, the most highly prized tobacco region in the world. It’s also a great place to experience the rural side of Cuban culture up close and personal. And for anyone who wants to try a Cuban cigar while photographing the harvest, please do so with our compliments!

After two nights in Viñales and a memory card change, we take the road to tropical Trinidad for three nights, via French colonial Cienfuegos. The popular and vibrant city, with its beautifully preserved Spanish buildings and horse carriages clippity-clopping along cobblestone streets, is also home to Cuba’s most lively music scene.

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Opportunités Photos


The Amazingly Kind & Welcoming People of Cuba!


Live Street Photography Workshop


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Afro-Cuban Music & Street Dance


The Beautiful Rural Tobacco Region of Viñales


Magnificent Spanish & French Colonial Architecture

Au jour le jour

Itinéraire détaillé

Havana Cuba


Bienvenidos a Cuba!

Friday, the perfect time to arrive in Havana! We’ll meet today at 4:30 for a brief orientation before going out for a relaxed introduction to Havana street photography. Tristan will offer street photography techniques including how to approach Cubans for street portraits. Then to the iconic boardwalk known as the Malecon Wall, always a great opportunity to interact with the Cuban people and take pictures.

  • 30 min
  • D
  • 2h
  • Hotel Kempiski
Havana Cuba



This morning we’ll visit a former colonial palace to photograph beautiful ballet dancers in an exotic setting that just oozes colonial Havana. Then for an exercise in contrast, we hit an Old Havana boxing gym where your doc-as art images will tell a story of the “sweet science” which is such a great source of pride for Cubans. The rest of the day we will dedicate to street, portrait and architectural photography away from the main tourists spots.

  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel Kempiski
Santiago De Cuba Cuba



Sunday morning street photography finds Havana quite lively. Eventually we will end up in Hamel Alley to rock & shoot an Afro-Cuban dance show. Hamel is a small street dedicated to artistic expression – painting, sculpture, and dance. After a great lunch, this afternoon will find us in some of Havana’s most hidden corners, even discovering a surprising bit of urban nature.

  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel Kamali
Santiago De Cuba

Jour 4

Havana to Viñales

After breakfast we take a 3-hour drive to Viñales, a small town Pinar del Rio, famous as the best tobacco growing region in the world. February and March are special months for the collection of tobacco, the valleys are green and full of activity. This afternoon will go off the beaten path to photograph at a small fishing village, and then to visit the “charcoal burners” for some striking environmental portraiture opportunities.

  • 3h
  • B, L, D
  • 3h
  • Hotel
. Cuba Tobacco Harvest Vinales Luis Alarcon



Today we enter the heart of the picturesque Viñales Valley to capture its essence at one of the best times of the year. Farmers harvesting tobacco, twisting tobacco, cowboys on horseback, beautiful landscapes, etc. You’ll even get the chance to puff on Cuba’s world famous export, gratis, right there where it’s grown! For lunch we’ll enjoy a traditional guajira meal in a farmer’s home. This afternoon is small village street photography, then a sunset shoot with fantastic views from one of Cuba’s most authentic restaurants.

  • 10 jours
  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel
Santiago De Cuba


Viñales – Cienfuegos – Trinidad

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Trinidad is next, via French Colonial Cienfuegos. In Cienfuegos we’ll stop for lunch and then check out “real Cuban life” on it’s most interesting boulevard. Arrive Spanish colonial Trinidad this afternoon. The city is considered by many the crown jewel of tropical Cuba, and is the most festive and music oriented city in the country. In addition to the photography w/ Tristan, here in such an artistically rich & fun oriented town, you will have plenty of free time if you so choose.

  • 10 jours
  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel
Musician In Santiago De Cuba



Morning of friendly and fun street photography with colonial building backgrounds, street portraits, optional artist’s museum. During the afternoon we will visit the great Manaca Iznaga Tower which offers panoramic photographs of the valley and the surrounding neighborhoods. We’ll then walk one of those neighborhoods – well away from the tourist zones – and have the opportunity to interact with local families and make that special, uniquely Cuban kind of humanistic photography.

  • 10 jours
  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel
Santiago De Cuba



This morning we get back to nature de Cubanito, in a nearby jungle where we’ll have the chance to photograph birds and scenes in the verdant forest with a river running through it. There’s a swimming hole at the end of the trek, so be prepared if you want to take a dip! Tristan will have several photographic choices today, and free time is always an option for those so choosing. After dinner Luis will lead an optional urban night photography workshop, starting at our spectacular colonial restaurant w/ the best piña coladas in Cuba!

  • 10 jours
  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel
Havana Cuba


Trinidad Havana

Sleep in a little before breakfast this morning if you please, or get up with Tristan and engage in some new location street photography. Then it will be time to head back to Havana, with photo stops and lunch en route. In Havana, visit a colonial penthouse for panoramic views of the city, other small photo sessions, and more. Tonight will be your special Farewell Dinner at our favorite Havana restaurant.

  • 10 jours
  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel
Havana Cuba



Early morning of optional street shooting and/or portfolio review. Tristan will have kept up with your progress along the way, and he’s more than happy to offer a final overview of your image making with specific advice for continuing on your chosen photographic path. Bid your fond farewells to Tristan and the lovely B & B family, and be ready to be picked up at the appointed hour to catch your return flight (if you can bare to leave!) home. You’ll miss this planet, no doubt. Viva Cuba!

  • 10 jours
  • B, L, D
  • 6h
  • Hotel


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Ce que vous pouvez attendre


Inclus dans le voyage


  • Photographe professionnel et instructeur
  •  Tous les petits-déjeuners, déjeuners et dîners.
  •  Hébergement dans des hôtels de premier choix
  • Transport dans des véhicules confortables
  • Frais de modèles
  • Guide parlant anglais

Non inclus

  • Vol international
  •  Repas et boissons supplémentaires
  • Assurances médicales
  • Dépenses non spécifiées dans le programme
  • Pourboires


Prix & détails


Usd / Person

  • Single supplement : 925 Usd
  • Acompte minimum : 1500 Usd
  • 5% de réduction sur votre prochain voyage
  • 150 $ de réduction si vous parrainez un ami
  • Remboursement garanti à J-15 en cas d'urgence sanitaire


Inscrivez-vous à ce voyage

Je serais ravi d'avoir de vos nouvelles. Si vous avez des questions sur cette visite guidée et que vous souhaitez vous inscrire, envoyez-moi un message.

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Questions fréquentes

Bien sûr ! Les ateliers sont conçus pour toutes les catégories : du débutant au confirmé. Ainsi, si vous êtes novice en photographie, je vous recommande un atelier de photographie pour débutants, qui est un très bon point de départ.

Ces circuits photo sont conçus par des photographes, pour des photographes... En tant qu'experts des destinations, nous avons travaillé dur pour sélectionner les coins qui reflètent le mieux la lumière et les moments... Des randonnées faciles, où les journées sont ponctuées de nombreuses pauses spontanées, le moyen idéal pour se connecter avec les éléments qui nous entourent et prendre le temps de cadrer avant d'appuyer sur le déclencheur.

Cela dépendra principalement du thème principal de la journée, qu'il s'agisse des personnes, des paysages ou de la faune. Nous vivrons au rythme de la lumière et des phénomènes météorologiques. Toujours en avance, du crépuscule à l'aube, en jouant avec les reliefs, les contrastes et les ombres...

En session photo de paysage, une journée typique consistera à profiter des lumières présentes au lever et au coucher du soleil. En fonction de la météo et d'autres facteurs tels que la fatigue, nous pouvons rester quelques heures dans les hôtels pour nous consacrer au post-traitement des photos.

Une fois que vous aurez réservé un circuit photo, nous vous remettrons un carnet de route contenant des informations détaillées, notamment une liste de colisage.  Nous vous conseillerons sur les meilleurs vêtements à emporter, les accessoires pratiques dont vous pourriez avoir besoin et, bien sûr, le matériel photographique que nous vous recommandons. 

En général, nous recommandons un appareil photo reflex, une combinaison d'objectifs, des cartes mémoire (ou des films) et des batteries de rechange. Pour les paysages, des filtres et des trépieds sont également recommandés.  Il est utile d'apporter un ordinateur avec un logiciel d'édition. 

Dans tous les cas, nous vous donnerons un roadbook complet du voyages 1 mois avant le départ.


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