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Colombia is becoming one of the popular destination for its unique diversity : from spectacular views, fauna and flora, mountains, beaches, deserts, architecture, Colombia has them all.

Nevertheless, photography in Colombia can be a bit challenging, if you travel unguided. While the country is a true paradise for photographers, photography tours are the best option if you want to get the most out of your trip.

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Design your Photography Trip

Discover here all the photo workshops that I prepared for you ! Start to compose and design your ideal trip.

photo tour cartagena colombia

Street Photo Tour in Cartagena

Cartagena offers thousands of photographic opportunities : Street photography, Portraits, Architecture and blue hour shots. But it still keeps some secret treasures. Let’s unleash the magic of the Caribbean Pearl

Gallery : Cartagena Pictures >

photo tour trip colombia

Photography expedition

In this photography Workshop, I will bring you in an amazing place : the high mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  You will learn everything about mastering sunrise and sunsets shots

photo tour Tatacoa Desert colombia

Landscape photo trip in Tatacoa

If you would like to master Night photography, this class is for you. Tatacoa is known for its fabulous night skies. Main focus will be on astrophotography as well as landscapes

Gallery : Tatacoa Pictures >

Photography workshop in Minca

In this photography workshop, I invite you to come with me in the hills of Minca to cover different and complimentary landscape photography techniquessilc

Gallery : Pictures of Minca >
photo tour in Sierra Nevada

Travel photo Tuition in Kogui Village

In this tuition will dive into one of  the most beautiful culture of Colombia, Kogi community. Get prepared to the adventure, this is a full immersion trip.

Gallery : Kogis Pictures >

photo tour trip colombia

Desert photo expedition

This is truly an expedition ! We’ll discover the soul of Wayuu culture in the most impressive desert of Colombia

Gallery : Guajira Pictures >

photo tour in Kogui Village

photography tour in Indigenous Village

I will lead you to an impactant place, to meet Kogui culture, somewhere in a hidden place of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Gallery : Kogis Pictures >

photo tour Tayrona Park

Nature photo trip in Tayrona Park

If you just want a short landscape photography lesson, this class is for you. Main focus in this course is to master sunsets, nature and wildlife pictures

Gallery : Tayrona park pictures >

Portrait Photography workshop Santa Marta

Portrait photography workshop

You want to learn photography portraits ? With this photography tuition, I propose a session of 5 hours divided in 2 parts. This class can be scheduled whenever you want during the trip. 

Gallery : Portrait Portfolio >

Medellin Street Photo Tour

Discover the wonders of Medellin, the most innovative city in South America. In this photo walk we’ll cover the old center of the city, as well as the Comuna 13 district and its fabulous street art. Time for a cityscape at night !

Gallery : Medellin Pictures >

Colombia landscape Bahia Solano Choco

Nature Photo Tour in choco

Among my favourite Region in Colombia : the Choco !! Access only in small planes, this remote region is rich in energy and photographic opportunities : Whales, monkeys, tropical forest, frogs, culture, indigenous villages.

Nature Photo Workshop in Rio Claro

Another wonder from Antioquia, wonderful park a 3 hours from Medellin. at the Menu : Tropical forest, rivers and wildlife

Gallery : Rio Claro Pictures >

Archeological Photo tour in San Agustin

If you like authentic region, San Agustin will seduce you ! At the menu, archeology, horse rides and waterfalls

Street & Nature photo Tour in Mompox

Mompox is like Cartegena without the tourists. They call it the city stuck in time. Wonderful for street photography as well as birds in the lagunas around. 

Gallery : Mompox Pictures >

parque purace cauca colombia

Travel Photography in Villa de Leyva

For people who like culture, nice villages and friendly people, you will fall in love with villa de Leyva. Many photographic interests in the surroundings, like raquira, Terra Cota house, etc…

barichara santander colombia

Street Photography in Barichara

Barichara is a piece of art in itself. Every stone was handcrafted. You’ll enjoy its quiet streets and friendly people. Many hikes and landscapes opportunities around

Gallery : Barichara Pictures >

Photo tour in Canyon de Chicamocha

Chicamocha offers breathtaking views. A perfect place for hiking and get unbelievable shots of the Ceiba Barrigona. Get prepared to an adventure sleeping in local families.

Gallery : Chicamocha Canyon >

fine art landscape photography colombia - photographer tristan quevilly

Landscape & bird Photo workshop in Cocora

Cocora Valley is home to the iconic Wax Palm, 40 meters high. A fabulous hike that can be adapted to any level. For the more adventurous let’s reach the Humming bird house where I got my most “liked” shot on Instagram 😉

Gallery : Cocora Valley >

Sunshine photo tour Cerro Kennedy

Sunrise session in Cerro Kennedy

This is one of my preferred secret place in Colombia. The amazing scenery above the clouds, will reveal us at sunrise the snowy peaks of Pico Colon and Bolivar.

Ethno Photo Tour Sierra Nevada

Photo Adventure in Sierra Nevada

Come with me to live the adventure of your life. In this photo expedition, we will get un full immersion the heart of Sierra Nevada

Gallery : Kogis Pictures >

Photo Workshop in Salento

A trip to Colombia couldn’t be complete without visiting the coffee triangle. And the best place is without any doubt Salento. Traditional villages, coffee farms, and a warm culture

Gallery : Bogotá Pictures >

photo tour Bogota

Bogotá discovery walk

Get lost in the streets of Bogotá with a pro photographer to get the best of this wonderful city. Let’s capture the old colonial center, practice street photography and I’ll show you my secret place for an amazing cityscape. 

Gallery : Bogotá Pictures >

Jungle photo expedition Amazonas

Jungle photo Expedition

Explore the lung of the world with a journey in Colombian Amazon. Focus on landscape and wildlife pictures.

Gallery : Amazonas Pictures >

Street photo tour Silvia

Street photo in Silvia

Don’t need to go to Peru for photographing gorgeous cultures. Let’s discover in Silvia’s market !

Gallery : Silvia Pictures >

Nature Photo Tour Caño Cristale

Nature photography Caño Cristales

If you wanna see one the most beautiful river of the world, this is the right place. And the best part ? You’ll come back with amazing pictures to prove it !

Travel photo tour in Guatapé

A quite complete tour in Guatapé. In 2 days you’ll learn landscape, sunset, and architecture and street photography

Gallery : Guatapé pictures >

photo tour in Palomino

This is maybe the most complete course in short time. You’ll get the impression to have 3 weeks worth photos. Astrophotography, Landscape, Sunset, sunrise and portrait pictures in a kogui village.

Gallery : Palomino pictures >

Why Choose Us ?

A Perfect Logistic Articulation

The organization of the trip will be handled by the most experienced Receptive Travel Agency specialized in tailor made adventures.

17 Years Experience In Leading Tours

As I started to work in tourism in 2003, I handled thousands of activities of any kind and have a strong experience in leading groups from 2 to 30 people.

Passion And Immersion

It is not all about photography, but also enjoying life surrounding us. Colombia’s people are amazing, let’s have fun with them.

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How ? What ? Why ?

Frequently Asked Questions

I already lead my proper photography trips, can I co-lead the workshop with you ?

Of course, it would be a pleasure. 

You’ve got several options :

  1. We can co-lead the workshop together
  2. You just can ask me some help to design your own itinerary. I would put you in touch with the receptive agency.
  3. I accompany the group as translator and local referent photographer

As explained before I have more that 16 years experience working in tourism and leading tours so I can adapt to every situation. 

Can I book an single Workshop unit ?

The minimum lenght for a workshop is ideally 1 week. 

Actually it wouldn’t make sense to fly over the country for only 2 days of tuition. 

Nevertheless as I am living in Santa Marta It would be possible to do a 3, 4 or 5 day tours.

Don’t hesitate to message me for any question

What is the ideal duration for a photo trip?

Colombia is huge and diverse ! I would say 2 weeks is the minimum. 3 weeks being the ideal.

Do You recommend to visit all the Colombia or 1 or 2 regions is enough ?

Obviously we will see much more things if we travel all around Colombia, but we will spend also much more time in transportation. It is all matter of preferences. In my personal preferences, I am more adept of slow travel, and I like to know better a region. For example the caribbean coast, will offer a wide range of photographic opportunities in a relatively small area : deserts, beaches, jungle, waterfalls, portraits, wildlife, architecture, street photos, …, well, all a photographer would dream of ! 

What does the trips features ?

The tours feature private transportation and a local guide accompanying the group throughout the entire tour. Accommodation and meals are also included, so we can focus only on photography.

It is important you do let me know the basic details so I can customise your trip to your needs and preferences, including length of your trip, departure date, special interests and budget.  Please send me a message and I’ll answer you as soon as possible

These unique experiences focus on letting you enter in my artistic universe so you can develop better yours. I will transmit all my passion to photography, my techniques, my doubts, and my love for sharing. Well, I will transmit you everything. 

What about the lodging during the tour ?

It is up to you and your preferences. You can choose between standard, medium or high standard categories. The receptive travel agency have more than 500 options of lodging in the country, and generally the best ones. But if you have other preferences, you can also selected your own lodging. 

What about transportation ?

As for lodging, it is also up to you. Generally we use mini vans with few spare seats for the camera bags. If you would prefer it could be also 1 spare seat close to each passenger so everybody has a window to enjoy the views. 

Is the itinerary flexible ?

Despite there is an established program, I will let you tell me what you’re looking to accomplish with the tour. If you want to share your photos and get input, ask. If you’re looking to learn more about your camera or to improve your mastery of composition, light, etc, let me know.

One of the best parts of the photography workshops is to leave place to the unexpected. Everyday is different in Colombia and I will be pointing out certain areas saying : “lets go over there, looks like there could be an interesting photo…”

Is Colombia safe for a photo tour ?

If one country has a bad fame it is definitely Colombia ! You have probably seen lots of movies or series and imagine that all Colombians are traficants like Pablo Escobar.

In reality, it is all the contrary, Colombia are some of most friendly people I’ve ever seen.

They are happy by nature, very honest and love to share their country with you. 

Nevertheless like in every big city of the world there is some kind of precautions to take.

A famous saying here is “No dar Papaya” which means don’t tempt the devil. In other words avoid to exhibit an expensive camera hanging at your neck at midnight.

In your hotel room, by experience, I rarely heard any problems. A good rule of thumb would be to bring a small travel padlock to keep your gear safe in your luggage.

In general, just travel in peace, Colombia is safer than many countries.

What is the balance between photography & free time ?

Well it well depend on each photography workshop. Some tours are quite actives, like with trekking and expeditions, while other allow more relaxation and more individual exploration.

My personal advice would be to concentrate in the same region rather than covering the whole country. Colombia is large ! 

I’ll be happy to help you to find the ideal workshop for you. If you have any doubt, just contact me.

Is there a lot of people on shooting locations ?

You may be used to see crowded popular places for photography. In Colombia this is not the case at all ! This country is still very wild, and have a lot of hidden photographic places.

Nevertheless, the only place where there will be a lot of people is Cartagena, but we can avoid crowds by getting up early in the morning and have all the city just for us before tourists wake up.

Is it Hard to photograph people in Colombia ?

Colombia has the most friendly people I’ve ever seen in my life. I love this country in big part for Colombian ! They will always respect you if you respect them. Therefore before photographing people, it is always better to ask them.

In general cases they will says yes with a big smile. This is true for most of places.

In some other, being photographed is a profession, like in Cartagena and Bogota for example. Cartagena is world renown for the Palenqueras, the Afro-Colombian girls with its colorful dresses and selling fruits in the streets.

Selling fruits is part of their activity, but they are now living mostly from tourism and being international models ! 🙂 In case, a tip between 1 to 3 dollars will be welcomed for a picture.

Depending on the workshops, we plan photo shoots with models and tips photogenic people so you can have the opportunity to take photos of them.

So it is possible to come home with some amazing photographs. Our guide makes an excellent model too!

What is the best time to travel to Colombia ?

The climate that we find in Colombia is varied, since it is a country with different altitudes. However, the predominant climate is temperate and being close to the Ecuador, it is quite stable, with average temperatures of 24 º C. Colombia has two distinct seasons: the wet season, which runs from April to November, and the dry season, from December to March. If you are wondering what is the best date to travel to Colombia, we can tell you that, in general terms, Colombia is a country to which you can travel all year round. However, if you want to avoid the rains, we recommend that you avoid the wet season.

What is the rhythm of the photography Tour ?

These photography workshops are also the best way to travel at your own rhythm with only the people of your choice and the maximum flexibility.