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Top 10 Colombian Photographers

It is no longer a mystery to anyone, Colombia is now emerging as a paradise for photographers, due to its diversity of landscapes and people. 

There are many excellent photographers in the country, but as in all fields, there are a few Rocks Stars that stand out. 

Descubriremos aquí el TOP 10 de los mejores fotógrafos de Colombia que debes seguir absolutamente en Instagram. 

Author's note

In consideration of the quality of the selected photographers, I invite you not to look at the photos as you can scroll through the feed on Instagram, here it’s like in a museum. Click on each gallery, and contemplate them one by one, look at the details, but above all take your time.
Have a good trip!


photographe colombien Gabo Eisenband


Gabo Eisenband

Gabo is definitely one of the best landscape photographers in Colombia… The harmony of his compositions is remarkably enhanced by exceptional lighting. Gabo has traveled most of Colombia. His work gives full meaning to the expression “Colombia Magic Realism”.
Visit his website :


Photographe colombie sebastien di domenico


Sebastian Di Domenico

Biologist by profession and wildlife photographer, Sebastian is undoubtedly one of the people who has observed the most animal varieties in Chocó. Ambassador of Tropical Herping in Ecuador, he leads nature outings combining education, protection, science and photography.
Visit his website : Tropical herping


photographe colombienne maria paula med


Maria Paula Med

If there is one representative of the new generation of photographers @Fatal.Frames and @Way2ill in Colombia, it is Maria Paula Med! Her talented urban photos invite us to discover the background of the city of Bogotá and its youth.


photographe colombien juya gentil


Juyá Gentil

When it comes to big boys, here’s one! Juyá is not only the best wedding photographer in Colombia, but he was also named the best wedding photographer in the world in 2013 by the Fearless Photographers Federation. Thanks to his tireless creativity, he turns weddings into fairy tales.
Visit his website :


photographe colombien Camilo


Camilo Jaramillo

Sin duda el mejor astrofotografo de Colombia, y ganador del Concurso Internacional de Fotografía TWAN 2017, Camilo nos permite escapar a las profundidades del universo a través de sus fotos de Vía Láctea. He also offers workshops and photo conferences.
Visit his website :


Colombian Photographer - Black and White Photography - Miguel Varona


Miguel Varona

Miguel is a documentary photographer from the city of Popayán, who captures stories from a different perspective… You can admire here his monochrome series but his color images are just as strong. The depth of its blacks and whites and the atmosphere of its clichés sometimes reminds us of a certain Sebastião Salgado.


photographe colombie Monzoon



Monzoon nous présente la Colombie sous un angle que l’on connait peu : le ciel ! His series of Aerial Façades has won him international awards and has been widely distributed throughout the world. Some of his vertiginous composite works are worthy of the greatest Photoshop masters. When you see your work, you understand why!


photographe colombie pelicano carlos


Carlos Pelicano

Originally from the city of Baranquilla, Carlos is better known as the “Pelican”. A nomad at heart, he passionately explores the entire Caribbean coast from Palenque, through the Sierra Nevada to the Guajira. His work magnifies the beauty and richness of Colombian culture. He regularly leads photographic tours.


Colombian Photographer - Photojournalism - Stephen Ferry


Stephen Ferry

Stephen Ferry was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Also a poet and writer, he defines himself as a “non-fiction” photographer. Each of his photographs, finely selected, carries a message full of meaning and calls for a reflection on society.
Visit his website :


photographe colombie andres mauricio ferrero


Andres Mauricio

Living in the city of Popayan, biologist and adventurer, Andres invites us to take a closer look at Colombia, and more particularly in the world of macro. His photos are actually more artistic than naturalistic. A true praise to biodiversity, his portfolio reveals the infinite beauty of Colombia.


tristan quevilly photographe en Colombie


Tristan Quevilly

Well, I know, I’m not Colombian by nationality, but by heart I do! I have now been living and travelling in this fantastic country for 4 years. I wasn’t going to let you leave without showing you some of my photos, taken from a different perspective, that of a foreigner who fell in love with this country.
See more photos de Colombie

And you? Do you know any other great Colombian photographers? Did you enjoy the work of these artists Don’t be shy! I would be happy to know in the comments below!

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