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Colombia Landscapes : Top 21 craziest places to see

Colombia is one of the most diverse Country in South America. Nevertheless Colombia’s landscapes are often overlooked by majority of travelers. 

In this post you will discover pictures of the TOP 21 crazy landscapes to see in Colombia.

We’ll cover here the whole country from caribbean coast, Choco on pacific side, Guajira desert, Andes and many more places

Landscapes of Caribbean coast


Tayrona Park (Arrecifes)

Tayrona park is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. In a small area you’ll be able to see a wide variety of landscapes, between beaches, jungle and high mountains. 

Colombia landscape Tayrona Park


Cabo de la Vela Guajira

On the extreme north of Colombia is located Guajira Desert. These landscapes are totally different from what you can see in Colombia, with it’s ocre sand beaches. 


Minca – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Without any doubt my favourite place in Colombia Mundo Nuevo in Minca. At 1000 meter over sea level, you can enjoy a gorgeous sunset over Sierra Nevada. But this is only the left side. On the right you can chill the sunset over the sea. 


Cerro Kennedy – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

This is the most magical for me ! It is even higher than Minca. We are here at 3200m over sea level in Cerro Kennedy And like in Mundo Nuevo we have a 360° view over the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in front of us, and over the sea on the right side. 


Barlovento – Parque tayrona

This is my preferred hotel in Colombia Barlovento Tayrona. It is a private beach were we the river joins the sea. An incredible sunset over Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, while enjoying a good mojito ! 😉


Lost City (ciudad perdida) – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

You need to merit  to see Lost City. 3 days walking in the tropical forest to get there. But when you arrive you understand it worthed the efforts : the landscapes are purely amazing. You’ll feel the true magic of Tayrona’s Culture. 


Bahia Concha – Tayrona Park

A less know beach for tourism, nevertheless definitely worth to see : Bahia Concha. The get there you’ll need to spend a night in Santa Marta as it is not on the same side of Tayrona Park. But the turquoise waters of this beach makes really beautiful landscapes pictures. 


Santa Cruz de Mompox – Bolivar

Probably the most colorful sunset I’ve seen in my life. And the show repeats every night in Mompox. If you go there don’t miss the boat ride in Cienaga de Pijiño. When you’ll get back, you will enjoy an incredible scenery with a sunset over Mompox from Magdalena River. 


Playa Cristal – Tayrona Park

This unfortunately is quite famous, but the most photogenic beach of Tayrona Park: Playa Cristal. As Bahia Concha, you can’t access it from the main entrance of Tayrona Park. You’ll need to get there by a private taxi ( don’t go walking, you’ll die under the sun), or by boat from Santa Marta or Taganga. 

I’ll advise you to get there really early in the morning as I did to get this shot without anybody. 


Palomino Beaches – Guajira

Landscapes around Palomino are astounding. You can enjoy sunset, sunshine, but can make also really beautiful shots on the river side of Palomino. For a pro tip, it is the only place where you can chill a view on the sea, palm trees, river and on the background : the majestic snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Definitely on my preferred landscape list in Colombia. 


Colombia landscape : Llanos

Caño Cristales – Meta 

Caño Cristales it incontestably the most beautiful river in Colombia and in the top 5 of the world. This river was revealed to the world few years ago as it was kept secret by Colombian Revolutionaries. You’ll need to access there only by plane.  


Sceneries of Amazonas


Leticia – Amazonas

If you go around Leticia in Amazonas, you’ll enjoy another kind of Landscapes, especially a sunset time over Amazon River. 


Landscapes of Pacific Coast


El Valle – Bahia Solano – Choco

This place was a choc for me. When you arrive at El Valle, the magic of Choco strikes you right away. A really quite place where you reconnect with nature, and where you take time to take time 😉


Guachalito Beach – Nuqui 

A Bit further in the south, you’ll get another wonderful beaches close to Nuqui. For me Guachalito is the “Cabo San Juan” of Choco (Cabo San Juan is the most famous beach of Tayrona Park)


Panoramas of Andes


Valle del Cocora – Eje Cafetero

Let’s start with the Queen place in Andes, the most famous one : Cocora Valley in coffe zone. You ‘ll enjoy amazing landscapes with the majestic Wax Palm, emblematic for Colombia. 


Mirador de Salento – Eje Cafetero

While we are in the region, let’s show you another place : a Sunshine from Salento‘s Mirador. If you sleep in Salento, don’t miss it at any cost ! 


Landscapes of Tatacoa Desert – Huila

Let’s head over Tatacoa Desert which is totally different from any other thing you can see in Colombia. Some people call it the Grand Canyon of Colombia. Well… In a really smaller scale, but for landscape lovers it really worth to spend the night there. It is also famous for night photography. 


Termales de San Juan – Purace Park

A bit farther in the south Andes is Purace’s Park. You’ll discover the essence of Colombia : the Paramo’s. This in these paramo’s that all water is generated for all the country. A magical place you need to see to understand better Colombia’s nature. This pic was taken in los Termales de San Juan. 


Canyon de Chicamocha – Santander

To complete the diversity of Landscapes of Colombia, we have as well Canyon de Chicamocha. this means Silver snake in Muisca’s indigenal Language. And here is an example of the origin of the name. Incredible views all around in Santander. 


Roca del Peñol Guatape – Antioquia

To complete our tour, let’s head over Antioquia (medellin’s region). A 2 hours from Medellin, you’ll discover an incredible place : la roca del Peñol. A huge rock coming from nowhere, that offers you an incredible view over some artificial lagunas. A complete success from Paesa’s work, to create this area. A pro tip : wait a bit before sunset before climbing, it will be less hotter, and you’ll get better lights for pictures. 


Rio Claro – Antioquia 

That’s the last place to discover now. Many tourist will miss it during their holidays in Colombia, but Colombian do know it is wonderful !!! I mean Rio Claro in Antioquia. This is an incredible park where you can practice many eco touristic activities. If you get there, don’t miss the cave experience to see the Guacharo bird , astonishing ! 


That’s it  ! Here are some of the 21 most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in Colombia. Still hungry ? Don’t hesitate to visit my site if you want to see more pictures of Colombia


And what about you ? would you recommend another incredible places ? Sorry I didn’t put them all, otherwise it would have been a Top 323 places to see ! 😉

If you have any questions or suggestions about these places, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below ! 

Colombia landscape

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