Buy pictures online : large wall art, gift ideas and stock photos

Are you looking for decorating ideas to beautify your living room, your office or your hotel ? You are a travel agency looking for unique stock photos to showcase your excursions on your website ? Seeking for original gift ideas ?  Here you will find several options to buy pictures tailored to your needs by the photographer Tristan Quevilly

Buy Pictures Online : Large Wall art Gift Ideas and Stock photos

Why should you buy pictures on this site?

In the world of photography, there are intermediaries everywhere. It is almost impossible to survive as an independent photographer. The profession is dying to leave place for amateur pictures on image banks like Fotolia or Getty Images, to leave miserable commissions at 20 cents per sale. Buying a photo on this site is not only about finding quality photos in limited edition, but also supporting the freedom of independents. We have to show that it is possible to face the big sites.

Here the several options proposed on my site :

Gift ideas : Purchase a large Wall Art Prints

If you are looking for wall decor ideas, in your living room, or your hotel, buying a photo art can be a great solution! It can be a original gift idea as well ! Here you will find details of the process. I only work with professional printing labs. Depending on your location, the photos will be printed in the best lab in your country, to reduce shipping costs. 

Did you know ? As a business, buying art photos can help lower your taxes! It would be a shame not to enjoy! 😉

To find out how the sale of photos on my site, see the page: Photos of art; Fine art prints and prints

Stock Photos

All photos on this site are available for sale. You will have the original high-resolution jpg made with a professional Eos Canon 5D mark III or IV. Having a travel photo library of 80,000 photos taken in twenty countries. I obviously could not put them all online. My best pictures are in my Photographer Portfolio, and a larger selection can be found in my stock image gallery.  However, if you have a specific query, you can still create a private gallery and add additional photos. I invite you to contact me to explain the details of your project.

Several typical type of use can occur:

Purchase pictures for commercial use

If you are looking for photos for hotel website or a travel agency, you can buy photos online in my galleries. the price varies depending on the size, the desired quantity and the scope of the broadcast.

Purchase photo for editorial use

If you work for a travel magazine, press  and you would like to buy original photos for your next special edition. You can browse my portfolio or my image bank to select the photos you need. The rights policy varies depending on the print size and the broadcast range of the photos.

Buy Pictures Online : Professional pictures for Editorial Use

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