Tristan Quevilly

My orientation to photography for the past 25 years has been to follow my heart. I didn’t put commercial considerations first. Instead, I put my passion for photography first. This is how I remained excited about photography from the beginning until now. My greatest fear when I was young was being bored with my chosen profession, and I have successfully steered clear of that danger.

photographer tristan Quevilly

My Roots

My name is Tristan Quevilly, I’m a french photographer living in Colombia, and here is my biography.

I was born in Quimper, a small town of Brittany at the far west of France. I had the chance to grow up very happily with my parents and sisters, far from crazy cities.

Young, I started to explore the surroundings with my bike and play in the wild. I always loved it. I remember that, before falling asleep I would often wonder what my life would be later on.

That was the starting point of dreams with all sorts of scenarios. I think it is a self promise I made younger that lead me to my life today.

Tristan Quevilly - Child
Tristan Quevilly - Mexico

My first steps in Photography

Since 2003, I’ve been travelling and working in a lot of different countries. Through all these trips, the people I met and the experience acquired tailored my choice of life style.

I took photography seriously 8 years ago, when I started going through books and videos about it. But that was after about 10 years of practicing, having fun with my camera without any particular knowledge and shooting when I felt like it.

What I do now

I am living in Colombia today, which is an amazing country with an excellent quality of life. People here are just extraordinary and it is a paradise for photographers as well.

I have been working 4 years for a local Travel Agency. It was a great job where I combined my passion of traveling (and my love for photography), I have been in charge of the creation of the new tours, implementing the coding of internal management system, and later on the communication director of the agency, in charge of creating their inbound marketing strategy .

The best part in this job is that I was getting to travel and explore new parts of the country to create new tours and trekking out of the beaten tracks all over Colombia. I still often lead tours as a guide, which allows me to keep taking pictures in incredible places.

portrait french photographer colombia tristan quevilly

What's next ?

I recently decided to live my dream and  to live off my passion. 

So I quit my job and started to lead my own photography workshops in Colombia and hopefully other countries are coming soon

So don’t hesitate to follow up the next steps, and Inchallah, it will be full of trips and photography !