Photographer Bio : Tristan Quevilly's Portrait

         Tristan Quevilly – Mauritius 2014

Photographer Bio 

My name is Tristan Quevilly, I’m a french photographer living in Colombia, and here is my biography.

I was born in Quimper, a small town of Brittany at the far west of France. I had the chance to grow up very happily with my parents and sisters, far from crazy cities. Young, I started to explore the surroundings with my bike and play in the wild. I always loved it. I remember that, before falling asleep I would often wonder what my life would be later on. That was the starting point of dreams with all sorts of scenarios.

I think it is a self promise I made younger that lead me to my life today.

My first steps in Photography

I Since 2003, I’ve been travelling and working in a lot of different countries. Through all these trips, the people I met and the experience acquired tailored my choice of life style.

I took photography seriously 4 years ago, when I started going through books and videos about it. But that was after about 10 years of practicing, having fun with my camera without any particular knowledge and shooting when I felt like it.

What I do now ?

I am living in Colombia today, which is an amazing country with an excellent quality of life. People here are just extraordinary and it is a paradise for photographers as well.

I work for a Travel Agency called Aventure Colombia. A job where I combine my passion of traveling, as I am, today, the communication and tours production director of the agency, (and my love for photography). The best part in this job is that I get to travel and explore new parts of the country to create new tours and trekking out of the beaten tracks all over Colombia.

I often lead tours as a guide, which allows me to keep taking pictures in incredible places. I am not a professional photographer yet. Maybe I should keep it as a passion, because I know, the road is still long before I get to live comfortably from photography, that life belongs to the best of the best, and I am far from being the best. But learning is limitless.

What’s next ? 

My dream is to live off my passion. It’s always good to dream! 😉

So I’ll will go a step further and develop my activity in order to earn a bit of money from photography. At least to pay for my gear. My plans are to create photography workshops in Colombia and hopefully other countries.