Portrait Photography Course in Santa Marta Colombia

You don’t know what to do in Santa Marta and would love to learn how to do beautiful photography portraits ? Bingo, this page is for you. With this local portrait photography course I propose a session of 4 hours divided in 2 parts. First of all I will teach you the basics in order to master all the butons of you DSLR camera, but also the light theory and how to identify the best natural and environmental light conditions and places. In the second part, we will head over Santa Marta historical center to put in practice what we’ve learned and we will cover the basic poses for models and how to guide them. You will even be the own model of the session if you want and bring back some photos as souvenir. 


Portrait photography course in Santa Marta Colombia - Learn with a professional photographer

Advises for the portrait photography course

Of course, I recommend you to take you camera and if you didn’t loose it your camera manual as well. Also if you have photos to show me, don’t hesitate to bring you phone so I could make a lecture of it and bring you constructive critics on how to improve them. 

If you are willing to be the model of the course, it’s better if you can get a nice dress and bring some accessories to vary the pictures ( like sunglasses, hat, small mirrors, etc…)

The photos would be delivered as the come out from camera. For a deeper photo shoot, I invite you to look at my packages in Santa Marta. 

Tarifs : 

1 Person

100 USD

2 Persons

80 USD / Pers

3 Persons

60 USD / Pers

4 Persons

50 USD / pers

Details : 

  • A 4 hours photography course with a professional photographer
  • Full disponibility to anwser all your questions
  • Lecture of your photos on how to improve your pictures.
  • Some souvenir photos if you want to model on during the shooting sesion
  • Consumption of extra drinks
  • Expenses not specified in the program.


Online portrait photography course

Can’t travel to Colombia ? This not a problem at all. You still can book one on one online photography lesson with me. In this class I will teach you all my secrets to get natural emotions in photography, as well as how to set up your camera specially for portrait photography. If you are advanced photographer, please consult my online photography editing courses, where I can show you how I edit my photos in Lightroom or Photoshop

Tailor made Adventure photography workshops tours and travel

Other workshops can be created in all the country. As you can read in my bio, I’ve been living in Colombia for more than 3 years now, and I’ve been working for an Adventure Travel Agency as a guide and creating tours in all the country. To create a custom photo tour in Colombia, there is behind a team of 30 professionals that would take in charge all the logistic. The passion and speciality is to get in wild and untouched places, so the ground is wide opened for all possibilities : Amazonas, Pacific Coast, Llanos, Andes, meeting with indigenous communities (Koguis, Emberas, Wayuus, Araras, Guambianos) and many more.

If you have a general inquiry please contact me here , it will be a pleasure to answer you as soon as possible, between 2 trips ! 😉

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