Online Photography Courses : one on one lessons by skype

Everyone learn  with its own method. For some people, learning  consist in practice, reading book, watch photography tutorials on youtube. But for others, they need a more interactive experience to learn more effectively. Indeed, it is the fastest way. By watching photos on social medias, we arrive to the point where we want to discover the secrets of a photographer. This happened to me. I discovered few years ago some secrets that helped me to boost my workflow. I’ve been passioned by photography for several years now. I would like to give you shortcuts with this online photography course. During many years, I had the the opportunity to get a strong experience in teaching photography in several countries. Giving educative photography sessions, and photography trails. I’m therefore very happy to offer you today a new formula : online photography courses by skype. 

My private photography classes are exactly this : customized lessons, adapted to your level. You will be able to ask me all the questions you want from your house, and we will be able to build the course to you wishes and interests. To ensure me that I give you a high quality lesson, I will only teach you techniques that I master perfectly. 

Of course, it is not possible for everybody to come tom Colombia and take my private workshops, that’s why this online photography course is the best solution. They can be handled by Skype or Google hangout. According to your interests and level I propose you different options

What you will learn in these online photography courses ?

Here is an example of the photos I’m editing, so you can compare the result Before / After in Photoshop. In the end of this cours, you will be able to bring back home all the tones and exposition range of the original landscape, as well as its colors nuances.  


Beginner Editing photography classes in Lightroom (2h)

Choose this online photography course to learn fastly the basic retouches in lightroom so you can get the best from your photos. We will cover the different editing modules, and I will explain you the use of each slider, how to use them and when I use them. We will be able to work with one of my photos, but also with one or more of your photos as a practical exercise. As well I can include also a lecture of your portfolio ( as a constructive critique) and tell you which aspect could be improved. 

Confirmed online photography lesson : Post processing in Lightroom + photoshop (2h) 

In this online photography course, we will go beyond lightroom and review very fastly the adjustments in the software, without explaing the details of each slider ( of course you already master the software). We will move on quickly to photoshop where I will teach you the basics contrasts and luminosity adjustments, sharpness, dodge and burn and exporting process. We will be able to take time to explain you all these features if you are new to them. By the end we will finish the edition with some photo plugins, which allow without a deep knowledge, to achieve spectaculare results. 

Advanced online photography courses : post processing in photoshop (2h)

For this editing course, you already master perfectly Lightroom and Photoshop. We will do all the retouches manually in PS. Building from scratch a winning image with a professional look. In this session you can choose any of the photos of my portfolio and I will show you all my editing secrets, and what was my vision when I took this capture.

Online portrait photography course

If your passion is about portrait photography it is time to book one on one online photography lesson with me ! 😉 In this class I will teach you all my secrets to get natural emotions in photography, as well as how to set up your camera specially for portrait photography. According to your interest we can dive further into lighting patterns and how to sublime peoples faces with natural lights. If you are already familiar to portraiture we can also head over an online photo editing lesson, and see how to practice natural retouches on the faces with techniques like dodge and burning, split toning and even advanced techniques like frequency separation. 


Portrait Editing

50 USD

2 hours


50 USD

2 hours


50 USD

2 hours


60 USD

2 hours

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Workshops and photography classes in Colombia

Of course, leanring photography mustn’t be only theory. Edition should arrive later, after years of practice in the field. If you plan a trip to Colombia, why not meeting in person ! It would be possible to make on outdoor photography classs acording to what you want to learn. 

More information here : Photography classes and workshops in Colombia

Tailor made Adventure photography workshops tours and travel

Other workshops can be created in all the country. As you can read in my bio, I’ve been living in Colombia for more than 3 years now, and I’ve been working for an Adventure Travel Agency as a guide and creating tours in all the country. To create a custom photo tour in Colombia, there is behind a team of 30 professionals that would take in charge all the logistic. The passion and speciality is to get in wild and untouched places, so the ground is wide opened for all possibilities : Amazonas, Pacific Coast, Llanos, Andes, meeting with indigenous communities (Koguis, Emberas, Wayuus, Araras, Guambianos) and many more.

If you have a general inquiry please contact me here , it will be a pleasure to answer you as soon as possible, between 2 trips ! 😉

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I hope that you will enjoy these online photography courses. Don’t hesitate to share it with you friends on social medias !