Adventure Photography Workshop in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 

In these adventure photography workshops of 2 days / 1  night, I invite you to come with me in the upper part of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at Cerro Kennedy where we will learn several techniques. The course is taking place in Santa Elena farm, at few hours from Minca. This place is a real paradise for landscape photography thanks to its spectacular views on the peaks Colon and Bolivar. From the other side, view on Santa Marta and Cienaga grande. This is one of my favorite place in Colombia. We can feel there is an incredible energy. 

Adventure photography workshops in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia. Sunshine from Cerro Kennedy

What will you learn during this tour ? 

During this adventure photography workshop, I will teach you theory of composition in landscape photography before putting in practice our lesson with a unique from the Santa Elena’s Mirador. During the night, if conditions allows us, we will practice Astrophotography and will discover how to take night photos with incredible stars. The day after we will leave early to observe a magnificent sunshine and take pictures from an incredible point of view. We will see how to take pictures in long exposure and cover techniques such as luminosity blending and Focus Stacking. These shots are crucial to realize a good post processing. Therefore In this adventure photography workshops we will cover 3 different techniques but very complementary. An unforgettable experience in a heavenly place. 

Adventure photography workshops : Some examples


Day 1
  • 07h00: Departure from Santa Marta to Las Taguas
  • 09h00: Lunch on the road
  • 10h00: Start of the hike to Santa Elena's farm (1h30 to 2 hours depending on the level)
  • 12h30: Installation in the farm and site visit
  • 13h00: Lunch
  • 15h00: We will begin the theoretical class of 2 hours of landscape photography.
  • 17h00: Beginning of the practical part of landscape photography from the point of view
  • 19h00: Farmer's dinner
  • 20h30: Practice of night photography / or if weather does not allow us post processing and editing lesson
  • 22h00: Rest and night in the room
Day 2
  • 03h00: Coffee at dawn
  • 03h30: Departure of a 1h30 night walk
  • 05h00: Installation and practice of sunrise photos
  • 06h30: Breakfast at the same place to continue enjoying the grandeur of the place
  • 07h00: Return to the farm of Santa Elena
  • 08h30: Second breakfast
  • 09h15: Break and rest
  • 11h00: Introduction to digital retouching on Photoshop and Lightroom
  • 12h30: Farmer's lunch
  • 14h00: Back to Las Taguas
  • 15h30: Return in 4x4 to Santa Marta.
IMPORTANT NOTE: A good level of walking is recommended.
  • Bring your digital camera: Of course I recommend you take your camera
  • Take your cell phone: If you have some photos to show me, if  you want I can make a lecture of it and give you some tips to improve them.
  • Bring a tripod: Another very important element to photograph sunsets, waterfalls or stars is to have a good tripod. If you have one I recommend you take it, but if you still do not have it, you tell me and I can lend you one for the class.
  • Take a Neutral filter: For long-exposure photographs it is highly recommended to use a Neutral filter that allows distortion effects in the clouds. If you do not have, in some conditions, when the light is low, you can still achieve a good result.
  • Wear a good pair of hiking shoes or boots according to season
  • A coat for the cold
  • Wear a rain cape
  • A small backpack
  • A headlamp (mandatory)
NOTE : the farm doesn't have eletricity so Fill your batteries before the trip
  • Round trip transportation in 4x4 from Santa Marta to Las Taguas
  • Lunches indicated in the program.
  • Accommodation in bedroom
  • Accompaniment and classes with a professional photographer
  • The consumption of extra drinks
  • Expenses not specified in the program


1 Person

600 USD

2 Persons

500 USD / Pers

3 Persons

400 USD / Pers

4 Persons

350 € / pers

Workshops and photography classes in Colombia

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Other workshops can be created in all the country. As you can read in my bio, I’ve been leaving in Colombia for more than 3 years now.  Working for an Adventure Travel Agency (Aventure Colombia) as a guide in all the country. To create a custom photo tour in Colombia, there is behind a team of 30 professionals that would take in charge all the logistic. The passion and speciality is to get in wild and untouched places, so the ground is wide opened for all possibilities : Amazonas, Pacific Coast, Llanos, Andes, meeting with indigenous communities (Koguis, Emberas, Wayuus, Araras, Guambianos) and many more.

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