Photography Classes: online Courses & Workshops with a professional

You wonder how to become a professional photographer ? Learn photography is a long way, and study alone isn’t always easy. You need to be very methodic, dedicated and have a strong will. Indeed there are several ways to improve your skills by watching photography tutorials on Youtube or by books, some shortcuts can accelerate the learning process. If I were given some tips a few years earlier, I wouldn’t have missed so much photographic opportunities. How many times I stepped wonderful places, and I hadn’t all the knowledge to capture all the beauty of the scene. That’s why I propose these professional photography classes. Capture on photographs the best moments of your existence, with the best skills possible will leave marvelous images for all the rest of your life. 

Photography course options :

Depending on your level and interests, I propose several formulas. If you plan a trip in Colombia or in the Caraib’s region, you can look at the options of private photography classes and photography workshops at Santa Marta or in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. But if you don’t have the opportunity to travel for the moment, the option of online photography classes by skype will be for you, that would like a one on one coaching. I will be available to answer all your questions, and will show you all the editing and post processing techniques in photoshop or Lightroom that I use most frequently. 

In these workshop and classes, I will share with you, the accelerated way my experience, knowledge and advises, resulting from years of photography studies. Here are the different options available :

Tailor made Adventure photography workshops tours and travel

Photography Workshops can be created in all the country. As you can read in my bio, I’ve been living in Colombia for more than 3 years now, and I’ve been working for an Adventure Travel Agency as a guide and creating tours in all the country. To create a custom photo tour in Colombia, there is behind a team of 6 professionals in logistic that would organise everything so we can’t freely dedicate our time to photography. The passion and speciality is to get in wild and untouched places, so the ground is wide opened for all possibilities : Amazon Region, Pacific Coast, Llanos, Andes, meeting with indigenous communities (Koguis, Emberas, Wayuus, Araras, Guambianos) and many more.

If you have a general inquiry please contact me here , it will be a pleasure to answer you as soon as possible, between 2 trips ! 😉

Landscape photography classes in Taganga Colombia (4h)

You want to learn landscape photography ? The objective of this 4h photography course is to master sunsets. The class is divided in 2 parts. First we will meet in Santa Marta for a theoric part, and where I will teach you how to use all the the buttons and settings of you digital camera. After this warm up, will discuss about the rule of third in landscape photography and the basic editing tips. Later, we will go together to Taganga, famous for its beautiful sunsets all the year. There wi will put theory in practive and I will guide you so you can takes your photography skills to the next level.  

landscape photography classes in taganga colombia


Photography workshop in Minca Colombia  (1 day / 1 night)

In this photography workshop, I invite you to come with me to Minca to lear several technics. We will ascend to the permaculture farm and hostal Mundo Nuevo in the hills of Minca ( a super project and a wonderful views !!! ). There I will teach you the theory of composition in landscape photography, and later on, practical class with a sunset from the hostal’s incredible mirador. Secondly, if climatic conditions are fine with us, I will show you how to take night photography, and how to achieve spectacular night scape full of stars with a colorful milky way.

On the next day, early in the morning we will head over Marinka waterfall at twenty minutes from the center of Minca where we will learn how to take pictures of waterfalls in long exposure. So, in this photography workshop, we will cover three different and complimentary techniques. Know you know ! 😉

Landscape photography workshop in Minca Colombia Finca la Candelaria seen from Mundo Nuevo - Nightscape Photography


Photography workshop in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ( 2 days / 1 night )

If you have more time, I propose to bring you in an amazing place where you will learn how to master sunrise and sunsets. The workshop takes place in the high mountains above Minca, in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

In this photography workshop, I will teach you all you need to know to take full advantage of you camera. Yes please ! 😉

At the menu : Theory of composition in landscape photography, and practical class in the field with from one side the incredible view to Santa Marta and Cienaga Grande, and from the other side, the snowy peaks Colon and Bolivar. 

Workshop Photo dans la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ColombieAmanecer desde Cerro Kenndy, San Lorenzo


Online Photography Classes (2h)

In these online photography classes, you will learn all my technics and post processing secrets like if you were near me. According to your level and interests, I propose several options :

  • Beginner Photography Editing course : post processing and basic retouches in Lightroom
  • Confirmed Photography Editing : Post processing tips in lightroom + photoghop
  • Advanced Photography editing course : We get right into Photoshop for my best tips

More information about this classes : online photography courses

Portrait photography classes in Santa Marta Colombia (4h)

You want to learn photography portraits ? With these photography classes, I propose a session of 4 hours divided in 2 parts. First I will teach you the basic skills to master all the butons of your digital camera, but also the light theory and how to identify the best light pockets and shadow schemes on the face. In the second part, we will go for a walk in the Santa Marta’s city historical center to put in practices whats you’ve learned and we will cover the basic modeling poses. You will have the possibility to be the own model of the session and come back from this class with some souvenirs ! 😉

More information about this course here : Portrait photography Classes in Santa Marta Colombia




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A bientôt ! 😉