Colombia Pictures

In this photo gallery, I present you the best landscape and portrait pictures of Colombia I have made during my trips. French photographer installed in Santa Marta Colombia since 2015, every day, this country fascinates me a little more. It has an incredible wealth both in terms of its nature, its people and its culture. Before showing you the photos of Colombia, I explain in a few words why I love so much this country


Colombia Pictures: La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Vista desde el Parque Tayrona a la puesta del Sol


Natural landscapes of Colombia

Colombia is the only country that has coasts in the Pacific Ocean and access to the Atlantic Ocean across the Caribbean Sea. What I prefer in Colombia is its immense expanses of virgin nature that give it an inexplicable and magical energy.

The Andes

From south to north, the country is crossed by the Andes, divided into three branches: the western, central and eastern Cordillera. In addition to having very dynamic and influential cities like Bogotá and Medellín, the Cordillera is also home to colonial cities with unique charm. many of them are part of Unesco’s world heritage. Without being able to name them all, I advise you to visit the villages of Salento, San Agustín, Popayán without forgetting Villa de Leyva and Barichara.

The Llanos

To the south-east of the Cordillera, there is a large plains called los Llanos, which revealed to the planet some years ago one of the most beautiful treasures of the world: the river Caño Cristales in the Serranía de la Macarena , better known as the 7 colors river. In the extreme east, you can discover an unexplored area for those who love adventures with Tuparro Park and Cerros de Mavecure.

The Amazon

To the south, where Peru, Brazil and Colombia embrace, Colombia’s most cosmopolitan city is Leticia. For those who like to dive in the nature, this region is a paradise, with for example some 600 species of birds. At this river of more than 7000 kilometers, we forget our “civil” rules, there are the animals that reign.

El Chocó, Pacific Coast

In the northeast, we find another magical area called Chocó where whales come each year to take a hot bath. Sorry I have not photos yet but I plan to visit it soon!

The Caribbean coast

However, the variety does not end there, to the north, there is even more diversity. Near Santa Marta you will find paradise beaches in Tayrona Park, jungle, mountain, Guajira desert and very special snowy peaks (nevados). These Nevados are my favorite place in Colombia, I mean the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Everyone knows that the Amazonas is the lung of the world, but according to the Koguis, the Sierra Nevada is the “heart”.

And of course, a trip to Colombia can not end without visiting the Pearl of the Caribbean, one of the most beautiful colonial cities on the planet: Cartagena de Indias.

Colombia is a country bathed by nature, where travelers can find everything in a destination!

Colombian Cultures

In this tour, I talked only about landscapes, but it’s not counting the extraordinary people in Colombia. After a few years of conflict, today there is a joie de vivre that is found in few countries. It is not surprising that Colombia is often categorized as the happiest country in the world. This human warmth is felt as much in the towns as in the countryside. Each of these regions has its own identity, although it has experienced a great crossbreeding over time.

Indigenous Cultures of Colombia

In Colombian people, there are communities to which I am particularly attached, for having maintained their traditions over time. Descendants of some of the great civilizations of South America such as the Muiscas, Guanes or Tayronas (Teyunas), there are today communities that have resisted the Hispanic conquest. Among them are the elder brothers Koguis of  Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Wayuus from Guajira, the Guambianos from the Andes, the Huitotos from Amazonas or the Embera communities from Chocó.

Sometimes a picture worth better than 1000 words. I hope you will understand what I mean in my pictures.

Colombia Pictures


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